Welcome to Firefly Chimney Services


Our installations comes as a package you can either supply your own log burner or choose our all inclusive package which includes creating the fire place, supplying the log burner, laying the natural stone hearth, register plate, top hat adapter, flue liner, plastering and chimney pot and cowl. if you don't have a chimney stack please don't worry just have a look at our chimney breast alternative.

All our installations come with 10 year parts and labour warrantee

We even offer internal fireplace effects such as brick effect or neat finish.

We understand that every customer is different and not every customer would like the same as the last so with the range we offer we ensure 100% satisfaction from every customer.

Below are some examples of stoves we regularly supply, there is to many to list so if your wanting something completely different please request some brochures when quoted.

Firefox 5

The Firefox 5 is one of the smallest but most popular log burners we supply, designed for the smaller sized rooms.

  • 4.9KW Output
  • Cool touch door handle
  • Multi fuel stove
  • Fixed air wash
  • Medium sized pyro ceramic door
  • rotating riddling grate to ease de-ashing 
  • Traditional cast iron construction

Firefox 8

This popular multi fuel stove is within the same range as the Firefox 5 but is a bigger stove and produces a higher KW of heat. designed for the larger rooms.
  • 8.5KW output
  • Cool touch door handles
  • Multi Fuel
  • Fixed air wash
  • Large pyro ceramic glass door
  • rotating riddling grate for easy de-ashing
  • traditional steel cast iron construction
  • Also available in double door for a little extra cost

Clearview Pioneer 400

The Clear view stoves are the most popular and efficient range of stoves available. we offer a wide range of sizes and outputs. please be aware that this stove included in our all inclusive package with add an extra cost due to the expense of the stove.
  • 5KW Heat out put
  • double glazed door for uninterrupted view of the effects
  • hot air wash
  • independent up and downdraft system
  • multi fuel grate for easy lighting and de-ashing
  • heavy steel construction, welded internal for long life and efficiency
  • solid brass knobs and door handles
  • hot plate top for kettle
  • also available in other colours to fit your decor
  • 3 years manufactures guarantee

Clearview 750

This is largest stove within the Clearview range, this stove would be ideal for large rooms also listed below are its features.
  • 14KW heat ouput
  • 2 large double glazed doors for interrupted view of the flames
  • hot air wash system for easy cleaning
  • Solid Brass door knobs and handles
  • Independent up and down draft system
  • Multi fuel grate for easy lighting and rapid response
  • Heavy steel construction, welded internally for long lasting and efficiency
  • Available in 7 other colours to fit around your d├ęcor
  • 3 years manufacturers warrantee